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  1. Robert in Davis, I watched Defending Jacob too but the last episode was mind blowing . Have you watched Michelle Dockery in Good Behavior. Two seasons of fun. I still rewatch it often. Mrs. Maisel is the best and next season out soon. Lenny Bruce is one of my favorite characters and I was listening to my 8 track of him yesterday. I think Susie and I are twins, short, speak our minds, raised ourselves. The music in the show is amazing too. Guess I’m bingeing that today. My typewriters are packed so once I unpack will get back to submitting OTP.

    1. Yes, that last episode was a wild ride. I couldn’t sleep after. I have not seen Good Behavior yet. By the way, it took me a couple episodes to stop thinking of the parents as Lady Mary and Captain America!

  2. It’s good there was no tornado Mike. Even as close as a mile or so from one is too close. As with wildfires and floods, I’ve experienced a few.

  3. A Word
    Catalina Cariaga

    Deb Haaland, a member of New Mexico’s Laguna Pueblo, has become the first Native American Cabinet Secretary of the Interior in U.S. history. NPR News 3.15.2021
    When she testified in February at her confirmation hearing, Haaland began her opening remarks by introducing herself to senators in her tribal language of Keresan. CBS NEW 3.18.2021

    At this very point in time
    was the word.
    And the word was,
    that the language of my parents
    had died.

    remnants of wars and insurrections land acquisition

    contestations of tribal assertion through statistical attempts to nationalize consolidation
    evolution and adoption of one language over others

    tightly gripped media
    facebooking the primary mode of communication as if

    a thousand cuts of the fake news breaking up
    hand-held computer devices with slow and intermittent Wi-Fi

    vinyl bright 60-foot political banners of the current valoric regime
    versus flagging opposition

    arriving by plane, SUV, bus, chrome plated jeepney,
    tri-cycles, on foot slowing at each barangay through the provinces

    a five hour trip becomes ten hours driving

    a narrow path
    between the sun dried
    palay on concrete.

    Here in this time and place
    was the word.
    And the word was with 9 million native speakers along the western coastal regions
    of the island of Luzon…

    …and the countries
    to which they have migrated…

    squatting Baroque church and its colonial motifs in brown adobe stone

    exactly as my mother had described
    school in her third tongue,

    Anako, this is where we learned English.

    And the word was with her.
    And the word
    presides over the rice fields grasshopper green
    to earthen brown bulul spirits monolithic in myth

    and the word gives atang to the
    patience of our unrelenting ancestors

    And the word was silent

    and the word was word-of-mouth
    and the word was hand-to-mouth
    and the word was disseminated from village to barangay to town to city
    and the word was blood
    and the word was atrocity
    and the word was genocide
    and the word was rape
    and the word was shame
    and the word was sorrow
    and the word was hunger
    and the word was guilt
    and the word was depression
    and the word was survival

    and the word is in my DNA

    nocturnal YouTube tutorial insomniac
    losing linguistic heritage at the rate of 26 languages each year—

    one language lost every two weeks

    ampay? / why?
    bakit? / why?

    as Haryette sleeps with the dictionary,
    Myung Mi enunciates the sound of the phoneme ng

    wen ngarud / yes, indeed
    oo nga / yes, indeed

    and the word is within us.

    Copyright © 2021 by Catalina Cariaga. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on August 31, 2021, by the Academy of American Poets.

  4. Robert in Davis, I have not seen The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, but I’m always up for a good series. Be interesting to see how they portray Lenny. He was controversial, for sure. Would say almost anything — vulgarisms, ethnic slurs — he didn’t spare anybody. Apparently one of his routines was about saying “fuck you” as an insult, and I thought about that after reading an OTP post on Monday in which the writer sent an “F you” my way. He didn’t use my name, but it was clear who he was directing It to. Anyway, the whole routine is in the Hoffman movie. It’s from 1975, I think, and is in black and white. Valerie Perrine plays Honey Bruce. Good movie.

    1. They take many artistic liberties with their portrayal of Bruce, but I like it if you suspend some disbelief.

  5. I suspect the same is true of the Hoffman movie, but it’s been a long time since I saw it. Be a good one to watch again.

  6. Claire,

    That’s great that you’re jumping into the machine. You will see how you will get better with practice. Very strange about the w. Maybe that typewriter has gremlins.

    Welcome to OTP!

  7. Hi Clair

    Welcome to One Typed Page. Your Lettera 35i has the French keyboard, so the W is next to the left shift key. My guess is your finger is just brushing the shift key as you strike the W. Us North Americans often have the same problem with the letter Z, especially typists like me with big hands. Please keep typing, it’s the best practice for becoming a better typist. Cordially,


  8. Welcome Claire. I have a Corona I recently purchased with a messed up “h”. I may try to fix it again but my first attempt was a fail 🙁.
    Good luck with yours, im sure your a better mechanic than i am…its hard to be a worse one lol.

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