3 thoughts on “Thursday, November 11, 2021

  1. Hi Catalina: I’m glad you liked Solander. I wish it were true that I’ve been published in the NYT. Although my poetry has appeared for payment in quite a few publications in the UK and the US (and Canada, if you include my stories), and in many unpaid places, I’ve never had the honour of appearing in so august a journal. I was sorely tempted to pretend I hadn’t seen that, and leave it uncorrected, but I’m too honest for my own good. There is, though, an OTP’er whose articles were published in the NYT, but I can’t remember his name. Being published on OTP on a daily basis is quite an honour in itself. I see your cat is wearing stilettoes again after trying out some heavier footwear.

    Hi, MichaelRpdx: I feel wonderful to be told my stuff is wonderful! I always enjoy your posts. Keep writing!

  2. The political party concerns are in The Debate on the Constitution also.
    Science Teacher, a good manual office size Underwood is hard to beat until you type on a like new Hermes Ambassador. Still I go to my Underwood 5, 6, or SS before the Hermes monster.

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