6 thoughts on “Friday, November 12, 2021

  1. So much groovy stuff today. Xicano, I for one avidly read every page you share with us and encourage you to keep on typing. Your “bad” stuff is freekin’ great stuff in my book. And to whomever is doing the haikus, today’s rain & typing one is brilliant! Type on, typers.

  2. I think today’s haiku is inspired by WG’s “Caroline Says” page where the character Jayden, the young son, is typing, thinking and typing, and his father in a separate room, wonders what his son is thinking….

  3. Hi, Catalina. It’s interesting that you should think a haiku was inspired by a page I wrote (one of the pages I’m quite pleased with – I’m not pleased with all of them!) but I don’t think I can take credit for inspiring it. (Though that would be great.) I think many writers and poets think about what it means to type and think, to think with a typer, which is not the same as this thinking-writing I’m doing now on a laptop, or at three in the morning in my head when I can’t sleep. There’s quite a bit in the book about people being able to find out what they’re thinking by using typewriters, being liberated from themselves by them, getting out of themselves more, and there’s quite a lot about it on OTP. Maybe there’s some kind of symbiosis or synthesis going on. For instance, I couldn’t fix a typer to save my life, but I’ll read something by Luke Liu, for instance, and think: Hmm, that’s something the characters Roberts or Damon or Malik might know. It’s all grist for the mill.

    BTW, I finally worked in something that was inspired by something you wrote a while back, some Caroline/Maggie fighting-again business (when they’re kids). Coming to a page near you soon!

  4. WG, The evidence of the identity of the anonymous haiku writer, (see ribbon vibrator, if you know what that is) suggests otherwise.

  5. Hi, Catalina. Yep, even I know what a vibrator is, (and I might avoid jokes about that between Caroline & Malik, but the durometer doesn’t get a pass…)and I conclude, Holmes, that the haiku is indeed written by the famous Catalina Cariaga!

    I ordered “Cultural Evidence”, by the way. It should be arriving in a week or two. I look forward to seeing more of your poems.

  6. Note to any would be Unabombers here (you know who you are!), typewriters & typing styles are as unique as fingerprints and the gumshoes will track you down.

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