13 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 16, 2021

  1. Joe, it looks like you and I and Malachi Constant all favor the same kind of wristwatch! At the rate things are going we’ll have to use time machines to buy our time machines. So it goes.

  2. Hi, all. I read, and re-read, and scan, and then re-read, but I still miss things. I wrote, in “Caroline Says, page 82″: You couldn’t hear the chickadees down hear.” Damn those homophones! W. G.

  3. Welcome back Iliana!
    Have you tried to use a software to convert pdf documents to text? Wondering if this could be the solution to facilitate the conversion of your typewritten pages to a word processor for your book.

    Daniel B.

  4. Robert in Davis: many thanks for writing about custom computer keyboards and sharing photos. Very interesting! I will look this up.

    Daniel B.

  5. H@M — that flattened slug look is growing on me. For any other character, it would annoy, but for the period, it adds some extra visual oomph.
    OTOH, I would avoid that one when typing ransom notes. Too distinctive for its own good.

    1. i’m with you, BRENDAN. surely there is something metaphorical here about the ray of ink above the period. perhaps it is the period dissolving upwards into the ether, suggesting that our endings are never nearly as emphatic or final as we intend them. or perhaps it is the opposite, an additional impenetrable border wall that prevents the residents of one sentence from migrating to another. jose saramango’s novel, blindness, barely has any periods, which i suppose is its own kind of metaphor. in any case, i shan’t be sending any anonymous ransom political manifestos from this alpina/amc! not unless i decide to write them in long run-on sentences without beginning or end…..

      while i’m here on otp twitter: ROBERT, you asked about the paper i used for the toni morrison qoutes: it’s recylced “vintage” cotton paper from nomad crafts company in wyoming. & ROGER: thank you for your comment a few days back on statues/statutes. if i’d had more space, i might have added reflections on another closely related word: status.

      1. “…suggesting that our endings are never nearly as emphatic or final as we intend them.”

        Not with a bang, but a whimper.

        Often times we don’t recognize when things actually end, when they die on the vine, the way we often times don’t realize when we’ve become lost. At least, I don’t. Maybe that’s why I avoid pretending that I ever know where I am, or what I’m doing.

  6. Robert in Davis: You son is doing great things. He should hang out a shingle and see if anyone bites. The world is filled with people who are interested in niche items. (Think, the Internet is Tokyo) And who knows where it can go. But it goes nowhere if he does not try.

  7. H@M: You’re welcome. Writers should study word relationships and origins. Also, I’ll say here that I was overly critical of some of your recent posts. Could’ve been more discreet. And I vote for watches. Worn the same titanium Skaagen for nearly sixteen years.

  8. I appreciate the gesture of comity, Roger. When one sets their darling words out into the digital wild, it’s only to be expected that they are waylaid and savaged from time to time, by friend and foe alike.

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