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  1. CATALINA, I hope you will let us all know what you learn from your readings on this history of housing segregation in the US. One superb topic-adjacent book t is EVICTED by Matthew Desmond, who also runs the Eviction Lab at Princeton University. Might be worth a look at both the book and the lab: https://evictionlab.org/

    DRO&I, Karl was very happy to hear back from you, as, these days, most letters about consumer desire tend to go to to the other Klause at the North Pole instead of to him . He regrets not being alive to write about Amazon. But probably many of his and Friedrich’s observations about THE CONDITIONS OF THE WORKING CLASS IN ENGLAND would carry over nicely.

    1. P.S. DRO&I–this year, Freedom House downgraded India from “free” to “partly free,” in large part due to India’s hard to turn to the (Hindu Nationalist) right under the BJP and Narendra Modi, who was responsible for a horrific 2002 massacre of Muslims in Gujarat prior to ascending to India’s prime minister post. Since India has almost 17% of the world’s population, this decision by the Freedom House to change India’s classificatory status immediately catapulted the percentage of the world’s population living in non-free states to over 80%. (Not that the Freedom House is some kind of neutral arbiter of which states are free and which are not, but it does provide the most widely used index of these things.) For a great recent piece on life under Modi’s increasingly authoritarian rule, see:


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