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  1. Keep shining, XICANO. Be the burr. Everything DRO&I said, but maybe without the Mickey Mouse ears? : )

    DRO&I, I appreciated and admired your post yesterday, too. (But I don’t think a white van is *ever* just a white van.) Do you know Jack Gilbert’s poem, SAY YOU LOVE ME:

    Are the angels of her bed the angels
    who come near me alone in mine?
    Are the green trees in her window
    the color I see in ripe plums?
    If she always sees backward
    and upside down without knowing it
    what chance do we have? I am haunted
    by the feeling that she is saying
    melting lords of death, avalanches,
    rivers and moments of passing through.
    And I am replying, “Yes, yes.
    Shoes and pudding.”

  2. Cat, in the beginning of my acoustic guitar journey I avoided laminate construction. I was advised to ALWAYS get at least a solid wood top (soundboard). I’ve heeded this advise in most cases but I make an exception for Yamaha guitars especially the early ones like the Red Label. Laminate or not these are finely-crafted and resonate instruments. I can’t afford and my playing doesn’t warrant the Martin 00-18 that his guitar is trying to emulate. The red label give it some street credit with those who know what it is (like yourself) and I saved several thousand dollars. Yamaha’s modern version of this instrument comes in three flavors and all are delightful: FS5 (Made in Japan) $1299 , FS3 (Made in China) $839, and the FS-800 (Made in China) $219. All are delightful. The latter at ~$200 is one of the best values on the market despite its low price.

    Yes, the feline is new as of May. Her name is Josie and she is rescue from W. Virginia hence her lack of upper front teeth. LOL. She is a great cat.

  3. Natasha, here’s an idea. Start a regular group of typers on Meet Up. Pick a fun place and people show up with their machines and everyone makes new friends. So much more fun than book clubs or knitting groups.

  4. WG: In Western music, the octave is divided into 12 ‘semi-tones.’ The theory and physics (and math) for this organization of tones goes back to the Greeks and Pythagoras who played around with a monochord, a string connected to a stick and gourd, and noticed that subdividing a vibrating string, produces an octave from (above) the original note. Then he found other intervals. The third and the fifth, being the most consonant (pleasing to the ear) intervals. The result is a chromatic scale that reflects this organization of tones that can be played uniformly in different keys. That’s my layman’s explanation. The math for the octave is laid out nicely at: https://www.math.uwaterloo.ca/~mrubinst/tuning/12.html. Although I follow it conceptually, and don’t pretend to thoroughly understand all the numbers, which by the way, are not exact. The question is if Jayden plays the piano.

    H@12:00: Nice presentation of haiku.

  5. Hi Dato, Don’t forget that those Yamaha FG-150’s of the 1960’s and 1970’s had steel truss rods in the neck. So it is possible to have a luthier adjust your neck for optimum playability. Those Red Lable FG’s were not actually laminate – but a clever and special process of 3-ply tone woods–making the the FG’s as strong as a solid tone wood. The Japanese understood that the light bracing, and excellent craftmanship made for an excellent resonant guitar. This made Martin nervous. Amazing that your guitar is 50 years old! There is a nice history of Yamaha FG’s at: https://acousticguitarcabin.boards.net/thread/1658/history-yamaha-1966-1981-models Rock on!

  6. Thank you, Catalina. I won’t pretend I understand all that, but I appreciate your attempt to explain it. Maybe my speech attribution wasn’t clear, but Jayden, like Caroline, only plays the typewriter. I’m toying with the idea of hidden treasure in the piano, though. Half a million pounds of gold coins from three hundred years ago were found in a piano in Shropshire not long ago. And Malik’s uncle was a crook…

  7. WG: I know it is late, but I forgot to upload my OTP yesterday. I usually scan OTP (and your serial page) in the morning, and then go back some time later in the day to read OTP. My initial reaction was to laugh at when Malik tells Caroline that Jayden said, “…the piano has eighty-eight keys. Seven white keys and five black keys to an octave. ” That doesn’t compute for Caroline because she is an analyst and mathematician and “an octave is twelve notes and not eight.” As a musician that is funny. But Caroline is quirky all the time thinking about data. It was not lost on me how critical that page was because Caroline, 1) finds out that Mailk has a son named Jayden, 2) there might be “other lady’s,” and 3) Malik and or Jayden may be Black or half black from “Langston Hughes” reference. Couldn’t tell up to now, since Malik could be middle Eastern, or Muslim and Hindu,Panjab? 4) Jayden and Caroline are typers. If you write it, I will read it.

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