10 thoughts on “Thursday, November 25, 2021

  1. Ah, a Ryobi. Far better than those petrol powered screaming demons from hell, but not quite the zen master’s rake. But certainly a step forward on the path.

    One clarification about my own journey. Christine and I were bookstore caretakers for a matter of months, not years. My years of toil were mostly in the fields of software and bicycle maintenance and advocacy.

    Great thanks to all the typers here and especially Daniel for giving of his time to give us all this shelter from the storm.

  2. Thank you, Catalina, again, for your encouragement. I thought I had only two or three readers. It sounds like I have a few more than that. So it’s not crazy of me to wake up at five in the morning, after endless tossing and turning, because a character won’t leave me alone until I’ve written down what keeps going through my head like a mantra, even when it’s just a couple of lines, and they don’t look that good in the cold light of day. I shouldn’t complain, I know. I’m lucky to be addicted to writing. And very lucky to have readers!

  3. Ah, I just picked up one from the competition, Worx.
    I need to give one of those Schneider pens a try for copying CW as I’m always searching for a smooth easy to use pen that is not a fountain pen for Field Day.

  4. H@M: Great card! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, obviously, in the UK, so I think that’s the first Christmas card I’ve seen with my name on it.

    Totally agree with you about the turkeys. I don’t eat turkey or chicken but feel guilty because sometimes I buy non-organic eggs – all the other eggs involve beak-cutting. They’ve also just discovered that oysters are sentient – crazy thing: they don’t like being boiled alive and THAT’S why they try to escape! Who woulda thunk it!

  5. Bill G, what you wrote could have come from me, almost word for word. I have an SG3, but not a Voss (yet???!), that is about the only difference! But your sentiments on the positivity of the typewriter on our lives rings very true to me. In our own minds, our own imaginary spaces, these machines enable us and set us free. But also this community has a great value, made up of some very special people – so creative and kind. Apart from the fact that your house might start filling up with typewriters, it is pretty hard to find fault with this hobby.

  6. I have been really busy this week and am only now (6 pm on Friday) catching up with all of the OTP submissions.

    As well as Bill G and !&?, I have also discovered a community and a pleasure in reading your OOMTP (one or more typed pages). I think those that give also receive, therefore those of you that have given a lot would receive a lot: OTP, OTQ, short stories contests, NaNoWriMo, personal blogs, discussion in typewriter fora and such, Instagram posts and comments on other’s posts, Facebook groups participation, letters, cards, postcards, videos on YT and elsewhere, photos, TWDB entries, free typewriter advice, type-outs, type-ins and type everywhere!

    These are just a few of my favourite things 🙂

    Daniel B

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