5 thoughts on “Monday, November 29, 2021

  1. Michael, I discovered the difference between “have to” and “get to” a few years ago during a tumultuous time. It made all the difference for me.

  2. Natasha: I would love to ready a story typed by Margeaux about you bringing home a typewriter in a case – and finding a puppy inside it. Make sure she dates and CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 at the bottom! Can’t wait to read how describes the notorious Natasha! Luke Lui: You reference to X-files was hilarious. The truth is out there. Roger: Wendel Berry is the best. A few of us OTP’s were honored to be anthologized with his poem “A Vision” in Paradigm Shirts, Typewritten Tales of Digital Collapse (2019) Loose Dog Press. Horses@12:00: I confess, poultry is a protein source for me. I missed the deadline for today’s post on OTP. You’ll see some things from me tomorrow.

  3. Michael — thought I was the only one who read the OED for fun. Truly one of the greatest English language resources.

    I’m the proud owner (and user) of the 1971 two-volume Compact Oxford English Dictionary, in mint condition, salvaged from the local public library for three dollars.

    “Compact” does not mean the volumes themselves are small; they could stop a charging rhino. However, the pages are printed 4-up — four tiny pages wedged onto a single page.

    As Zoolander might say, “This is a dictionary for ANTS!” But use of an illuminated magnifier brings each page back to life. When I’m reading it, I feel like an pathologist, peering into a microscope to determine the cause of death. Except in this case, it’s very much alive.

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