9 thoughts on “Thursday, December 2, 2021

  1. Leo — fun poem! Since I started paying closer attention to poetry I’ve been amazed at how often birds show up.

    The bird name that always makes we twitter a bit is “Bushtit,” poor things.


    1. Leo, I shared your poem w a birding friend, who responds thus: “Haha very good. Though not to snipe or grouse about the poet’s Hudsonian godwit, but when it comes to birds that sound like diseases, the Zitting Cisticola would like to have a word…”

      Róbert, enjoyed your post on Westerns today, and the connection to the films you look at in your book.

      DRO&I: looks like the supply chain of consciousness alighted on us both today. Great post.

      Xicano: until the spools fall off.

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  2. JVC: Very good post today, sir. Enjoyed it. Your pages always look great too, no matter which machine you use. Looks like your Olympia Splendid might have the same 11 pitch as my SM9.


  3. Profbulman & H@M: I’m working on a longer version: Bushtit, Zitting Cisticola…I thought that was a fizzy drink? And I’m trying to sell a film idea to that young wannabe, Francis Ford Coppola: The Godfeather…

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