10 thoughts on “Friday, December 3, 2021

  1. Sorry for all your troubles Tori. On line buying can be very aggravating. One thing is to ask buyers whose shipping service they use because many of the services, like FedX are unreliable. My experience with FedX has always been that they are unreliable. I don’t know how often I’ve had a radio station off the air longer than needed because FedX, despite their ads, cannot deliver. (oh, I intentionally mis-spell their name)

    About car audio. Oh, how I could rant with you on that business even though I do not know who it was. I’ve done pro-audio and pro-car audio for nearly 50 years. That business is a true rip-off, and they probably only posted positive reviews.

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  2. ROGER, Xicano writes not because he hates, but because he loves. Too much. Too deeply. If you really believe Xicano is writing because he hates, you may need to go back and start again from the beginning. Slowly, and with care. Hate often wears the rags of kindness and civility, and love the fiery robes of anger. Costumes and the hearts they cover should not be confused. H@M

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  3. !&? – So sorry to hear about your mother. I lived with my father during his years-long decline of mild dementia and not-so-mild Parkinson’s. Of course, sympathy is due primarily to the one suffering, but caregivers also suffer not just the difficulties of daily care but the angst of watching a loved one slip away.

    To love is to suffer. (I wish I’d made that up, but I think it may have been the second sentence, after “Pass me that apple.”)

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  4. Catalina – thanks for the reminder about The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence. I’ll have to re-watch that soon and pay close attention to the character of Pompey.

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  5. ROSE: Great to read a piece from you. I found a recording of the Lucier composition and will listen to it tonight. Will send you a letter soon. SUZZI: Congratulations your outing with NaNoWriMo. It’s gets easier. MICHAEL RDXP: Congratulations on NaNoWriMo, as you rest your brain. HORSES@12:00am: I sea you used the word “reaved” from our poet John Baird, and the most excruciating line (for me as a poet) “Explicated, explained, expanded.” All the other words in that stanza, I will withstand. So lyric! LEO: “Walze” is phat.
    XICANO: I know you are reading the comments. Type on!


  6. DRO&I — Double Yikes! Mind you, I’m not sure what concerns me more,.. that ancient tofu or the virus. Eat fresh food for a bit, ok?
    Brendan – Thank you for the kind words.


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