9 thoughts on “Sunday, December 5, 2021

  1. DRO&I: I fell back on a cliche, which I dislike doing, but probably guilty of too often. Lazy, I guess Could’ve said “blame the sons for what their fathers did.” The idea comes from several places the Bible. I don’t know anything about anti-reparations. And I’m a liberal of sorts in a regressive state controlled by reactionary Republicans. Hardly a flag wrapper. I was reacting to the absurd notion that the Allied soldiers who liberated the Nazi concentration camps were horrified only because the people in the camps were white. And that silly business about the soldiers’ grandfathers killing Native Americans.
    By the way, I like your logo. Good luck on getting the $20,000.

  2. LINDA, before today’s comment section turns into a sorry continuation of yesterday’s fragile monologue, let me say how saddened I was by the stories shared in your post yesterday, and how sorry I am to hear about your brother and your childhood neighbor. I am also glad you have not allowed to go unremarked on these pages the recent arguments before the Supreme Court on women’s reproductive rights, and their probable outcome.

    CATALINA: RE incisive description of refrigerator shelf myopia: guilty! And kimchee, like a good poem, never expires. Just gets better.

    DRO&I, Sending you virtual soup to warm your real bones. Feel better very soon, please. Now you have me actually worrying about you. (And $20k is a bit low-balled, no?)

    LEO: Fantastically WEIRD poem. Loved it.

    ROGER: Happy to bury sins of fathers as soon as ill-rewards of fathers’ children have been uprooted. Anyway: I thought you said you were tapped out?

    XICANO: The response proves the sting.

    Just another incessant complainer,


  3. I lied. I am a little weary of the pissing contest though. Getting old. And I’m too old for it. Argument’s futile anyhow. Guess I’ll just sit here and mull over my ill-gotten gain.

  4. Xicano: Should’ve said “contradicted myself.” Maybe you’re right Juan about being invigorated — if only now and then. “Full of piss and vinegar” is the saying, a high compliment here in the South. Nice typewriter you’ve got there. Good day to you sir.

  5. !&?

    No exclamation point, no problem. Type “apostrophe” (shift 8), backspace and type period (full stop). Voilà – Exclamation point !!!


    1. Sky,
      Thank you for the tip. Indeed, I was already aware of this. While the three letter solution works it is more time consuming and also does not give as fine an end result as a dedicated key. I can forgive older machines (and no 1 or 0 or tabs), but for newer ones I’ll take those functions if I can.

  6. It’s midnight and I am finally smiling while reading W.G.’s serial prose with the wordplay of “inalienable,” “enemas,” and “enigmas.” That was paired with reading LEO’s poem “WEIRD.” The comments section is WEIRD. Getting weirder. Have become the weirdest things. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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