6 thoughts on “Monday, December 6, 2021

  1. Hi, Catalina. Or should I call you ‘Avocado’ ? (See, I’m really reading your book, ‘Cultural Evidence’. With great enjoyment, I might add.) Nyet, I don’t know Russian but I couldn’t resist buying a typer with a cyrillic keyboard on Etsy from a Hungarian seller who went to Slovakia because it’s cheaper to ship from there (to London), and it turns out to be Bulgarian! I looked up the words for ‘chapter’, ‘page’ and ‘Caroline Says’. I have a Russian friend whom I’m going to surprise by sending him a letter partly written in Russian on my Mapuua 30, which is actually a Maritsa 30 under one of its many guises. ‘Russian for Dummies’ is a great help, of course. Oh, and I’m glad you enjoyed the enemas, so to speak.


  2. Thank-you, Brendan. It’s great to be here. Cathartic indeed. May turn out that tapping away at an Olivetti is way better, and cheaper, than swallowing handfuls of SSRIs. Here’s hoping. Thanks again for the welcome.


  3. Brendan, one more thing. I enjoyed your post too. Ja, I’ve long thought of OTP as a place for telling stories or letting a bit of light into the heart and mind. Certainly not as a battleground. For that we have Facebook’s gaseous marshes …


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