14 thoughts on “Wednesday, December 8, 2021

  1. 1&?: The first thing I noticed about your piece today were the letters TODO in uppercase. The Spanish part of my brain (if there’s one) immediately read this as the Spanish word for EVERYTHING or ALL. Then I realised it’s a TO DO list. But an EVERYTHING list, or ALL I’ve got to do could also work.That’s TODO I’ve got to say.

    1. I did not know that! I sometimes think it calls the dog from Wizard of Oz, if you say it badly. But that might just be my brain being defective. Speaking of which, I have more than a few typos in this entry today – my apologies to the perfectionists. You have to do in-brain editing, I’ll genuinely try and do better next time.

  2. Catalina: Many thanks for telling the rest of Mr. Miller’s story. Beautifully written. And I do think Mr. Miller deserves the Medal of Honor. Attempts failed during the Trump years, but maybe continued efforts will be successful. Thanks again.

  3. Kent – thanks for recommending “Virgil Wander”. It sounds like my kind of books and so I will seek a copy to read.
    Mike (in Washington) – librarian! I am considering the same. In fact, I made a point of conversing with our university librarian (for an hour!) last week about the “career”. She had some good advice and we will “meet” again (virtually) next Friday to continue our conversation.

    As I prepared to retire form the military I attended a mandatory “retirement workshop”. As part of it I took the “Strong Interest Inventory” and the #1 job it recommend was that of an interpreter – I speak but one language and that one poorly – the #2 job recommendation was librarian!

    As I consider leaving the DOD (again) I want something as far away as possible. Maybe it will be working in a library.
    Good luck.

  4. H@M – Brilliant stuff today. As a White guy who sometimes slips into the professor role in difficult conversations I appreciate the reminder.

  5. Chris, I encourage you to write your story. I think we all have at least one book in us. Don’t worry about the when and how now. Let the words and emotions come to you and put them down. I see lots of ways you could gear it toward teens or other groups. For now, relax and let it come out. When you feel it is done you will have ideas of how to market it. Even if you print just one copy for yourself it is worthwhile. We are all here to encourage you.

  6. Liz: Thanks for posting Cornelius Douglas’s beautiful poem December Seventh. I apologize for not acknowledging it yesterday.

  7. Wow, a ton of great stuff today. Everyone had me hanging on every word. Thank you!

  8. Linda – we’ll miss your pages next week. Have a good trip! Actually, I just realized I’ll be out of town for much of it as well. Fewer pages from me, too. I found Nomadland to be wonderful. It’s refreshing to see a movie out of the standard Hollywood mold. I saw it around the same time I saw the Sound of Metal, also Academy nominated and also an anomalous and excellent film. I may have liked it even more than Nomadland, though for very different reasons. I thought it would be about heavy-metal music, but it is, in fact, a very quiet movie for reasons that become apparent very early on (after the first very loud musical scene). I got your wonderful package in the mail today. Thanks so much! Be on the lookout for something from me when you return. Did you ever get my postcard?

  9. MichaelRPDX and others: It may be outside the norm here to tout a computer system but the latest MacOS operating system has OCR built right in. I can actually select text in an image of a typewritten page just like computer text. It took about a minute to copy your post, as a test, bring it into a word processor and correct the few errors. This OCR capability is also great when someone makes a reference that I want to look up.

    Of course, as we all know, even typewritten text can be indexed if its posted online.

  10. Google Lens does fine OCR and it takes about three clicks to do it on any image on my Android phone.

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