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  1. Hi, Catalina: I’m sure Nicholai Kim will get back to you on this, but I can assure you that I have nothing to do with him/her – they are definitely not a character in Caroline Says! Though, now that you mention it, there’s nothing to stop any of those characters from contributing to OTP.

  2. Hello, Catalina. It’s not true that all cats have nine lives, by the way. Spanish and Italian cats, and all cats from ‘los paises latinos’ only have seven lives each. Would they have two extra lives apiece if they emigrated? It’s a good thing cats don’t need passports.

    In a bit of a non-sequitur: English-speaking dogs go ‘woof woof’ but Spanish dogs (according to their biographers) go ‘guao guao’ (pronounced ‘wow wow’). But I never heard a dog in Spain make that sound.

  3. Hello, Dee Are Owe & Eye: ‘offset’ is the word I exed out because although that’s the word she used I was unsure of the meaning at the time of writing. It has so many meanings. I have a rule: If in doubt, leave it out…Acker was one of a kind, though she was criticised for sometimes using other writers’ work wholesale, not so much in the Burroughs spirit of cut-ups but more a pre-Internet cut-and-paste. She died young. A great loss to literature. A literature of the lost.

  4. Chris, there is danger in ham radio as there are few hams who only own one rig. Seems they keep multiplying along with all the neat accessories and antennas. Then when typewriters come to the same person…well, you just can’t have one, or a dozen, or (I tired to stop at 100.) Hope you get your Mill. They, also, come in multiples. I had none, now I have 3, and still look for the full sized ones.

    Those old Jethro Tull LPs are wonderful. Glad I got mine in the 70s also.

    I’ve always been amazed at all the black musicians who are the foundation of much of the music of the 50s onward to even today, Many do not get the recognition they deserve. Remember when RCA did not want anyone to know Charley Pride was a black man?

    1. I was a teen in the 80s when MTV emerged on the scene. They didn’t play any Black artists because, according to MTV at the time, that’s not rock and roll. I still remember the first time they played Michael Jackson’s video “Billy Jean.” That was a milestone. There is a fantastic interview of VJ Mark Goodman interviewing David Bowie and Bowie cleverly turns the tables and interviews Goodman about why MTV doesn’t play Black artists. It’s devastating, and Bowie comes off looking like a genius while Goodman – even, I think without the benefit of hindsight – looks the fool.

  5. Tori, I love your extensive list of “blank mind” prompts — such a great tool. As a wannabe singer, song lyrics have always been my go-to starter, not just on the typewriter but any keyboard. I blast them out without line breaks until the fingers are warm and the mind flushed of whatever was holding things back. Some of my best writing ideas have emerged following the genius of Cole Porter, Jimmy Webb, or Hoagy Carmichael. Maybe along the lines of “Dress for the job you want”?

      1. No, but I wish I was! Old musical theater and acapella/barbershop quartet singer. Multiple adult kids now have music at the center of their lives, so it worked!

  6. DRO&I: Yes, Petty Officer First Class Doris Miller would have faced many horrors as a civilian. I fantasize to think of “Dorie” listening to the “Star Spangled Banner” as performed by Jimi Hendricks at Woodstock on his Fender guitar and whammy bar and saying, “What the fuck is that….”

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