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  1. John, good to see another person here who knows and enjoys real photography. Digital has taken much of the fun out of photography, the long hours in the darkroom, and transparencies or prints that will last decades, if not centuries. Just look at some of the old Kodachrome transparencies on Shorpy, 4″ x 5″ taken during WWII and still look better than modern digital work.

    Paper conservation is easy for blogging. Besides cutting the sheet in half (which is the width of many blogs) fold a sheet in half for an automatic backer sheet.

  2. Mike in Virginia: Great story about James Agee. Wonderful writer, but an alcoholic. Library of America has a nice collection of his movie reviews and other stuff.

    Robert in Davis: According to the Rough Guide, Something is the only Abbey Road track with Billy Preston on it. Geoff Emerick was the engineer beginning with Revolver. He quit during the acrimonious White Album sessions, but came back for Abbey Road. He also did The Ballad of John and Yoko. And speaking of, I’m especially fond of the Hey Jude album because it has Revolution and Old Brown Shoe, Choosing a favorite is very difficult, but what the hell, Yesterday And Today. Dr. Robert is worth the price of the album.

  3. CLAIRE: I am so happy the postcard poem made it all the way to you in France! I hope you enjoyed it.

    JUAN: Please keep writing. Keep posting. We need you and your Studio 44. You both have shit to share.

  4. Robert: a few favorites: Ticket to Ride…While My Guitar Gently Weeps… A Day in a Life.
    As a college music professor, I taught a course on the history of Rock and Roll. I’ll share a few perceptions on tomorrow’s post.

  5. Mike in Suquamish:
    Thanks for posting about Robert Messenger’s blog.

    I went to read it and got a lot of info from it, info that I had been looking for. I had been wondering how journalists prepared their stories for publication in the newspaper. I am aware that some late stories, like hockey games results were often dictated on the phone to a person (a steno?) in the newsroom, but I never knew about typing on smaller size sheets that were then edited with a red pen before being sent to the printing department.

    I find it hard to type on half-sheets. I tried it last spring, emulating others like JVC and Catalina but I was running out of space too fast on one single small page. I might try it again.

    Daniel B.

  6. !&?

    After spending 2½ hours at my friends house typing in close to 20 pages of coding and fiddling with the program to get it where you wanted it, the next thing was to record the program onto a tape cassette so you didn’t have to type the whole darn thing in again next time you wanted to play the game. Then you find that your friend’s younger sister recorded her favourite pop song onto the cassette so you had to type the whole darn thing in again anyway. Oh the joys of early computing in the late 1970’s before 5¼” floppy discs were invented. I still have a few games on 3½” floppies and loads on CD’s. Can you even buy computer games on CD’s anymore? All the best,


  7. Linda in DC: I finally was able to see the recent Roy Orbison documentary. His voice and styling is unique among that rock and roll period. He was influential in how each Lennon, McCartney and Harrison sang. Robert: My favorite Beatles songs are, “She’s Leaving Home,” “Blackbird” and “Something.” George Martin arrangements were key. I also like the covers by the late Kenny Rankin –of “Penny Lane” and “Blackbird.” If I have time I might write something on “She’s Leaving Home” for OTP.

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