8 thoughts on “Saturday, December 11, 2021

  1. What is needed everywhere is open dialog about race, culture,and the different things we can all learn from each other rather than only complaining or spewing hate or even displeasure in each other. I may not fit the mold of any one anything since I find it interesting learning from others from other races, cultures, countries, and the like.

  2. DRO&I: What can I say? You nailed it.

    But how could you have known that I did once know a Rachel with Maggie Smith eyes? I stole an ashtray from a restaurant for her while my girlfriend was doing a Marilyn Monroe ‘Happy Birthday, Mr President’ turn on one of the tables, flashing her stocking tops, much to the horror of the restaurant staff, and the people seated at that table. But that’s another story…

    1. We all have our Rachels, do we not? Our Debbys and memories of soapy breasts and loves we’ve been moved to abandoned on rooftops through doors of secrecy. It’s this mixture of blood and tears that keeps our fingers stuck to the keys in the endless effort to cleanse ourselves of the guilt, or to keep within a feeling distance those who stabbed us while laughing, eyes wide open and tongues in our mouths.

      It’s better that they wave, rather than stand there, dumbfounded.

  3. Robert, your road trip sounds fun. The quietness will be weird at first. I noticed malls in California all had lots of chargers too. Have you used any electrify america charging stations. My daughter said they are the best and fastest and made by VW. You could drive from LA to DC and find chargers the whole route. Glad you used the paper. Send updates and photos of the fun.

    1. I just downloaded the Electrify America app. With that and accounts with Evgo and Chargepoint and the Plugshare map I think we’ll be OK. A typed report will follow our return!

  4. H@M,

    That silence sometimes isn’t a sign of anything other than held breath, the feeling that things are about to get worse and that there is nowhere to run, to instead blend into the wallpaper and hope that one remains unnoticed, camouflaged if possible. Or when necessary, the goat that faints.

    I’ll see you tomorrow.

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