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  1. Thank you Robert. Your words mirrored my thoughts well. When it comes to things like race, politics et al, I tend to “step in it” when I enter such discussions. My words often fail me and my message gets skewed. So, again, thank you for saying what this feeble old brain fails to emote.

  2. !&?

    You see I mentioned in my post today that I was pretty active for years in an online group that was brutal. It started before trump and when that shit storm hit, the group turned into a combination of The Killing Fields and Jacob’s Ladder. This was a real time group where debates raged for hours if not days with instant response and no delay in anything. It saw the invention of the meme and all manner of radicals from the left and the right clawed at each other in gut-wrenching mayhem. It was political, racial, sexual, religious, you name it, it happened. God I loved it.

    It had moderators, and it had rats who’d squeal to them and any guideline complaint form they could find to express their dissatisfaction as to the tenor of the melee. I did see a few people banished and blocked and warned, and their conduct was extreme. (Yet no matter how hard I tried, and oh how I tried, I could never get so much as a slap on the wrist.)

    My point is this, compared to any number of arenas I’ve seen or been involved with, OTP makes Whistler’s Mother look like a raging drunk in a crowded dive bar. The very notion of invoking any kind of authority or guidelines here is akin to applying a full body cast to clean up after a wet sneeze, and shows either a complete unawareness as to the nature of online rhetoric, or as H@M has recognized, a veiled threat.

    Now you seem like a smart guy, and much of the time I dig what you’re laying down. And I think best case scenario here is that you fell in to what Robert in Davis mentioned today regarding the “invisible ways in which swimming in the tainted fish bowl of American culture left me with fears and unconscious biases that even my adult brain struggles to make sense of.” It happens.

    Now honestly, H@M scares the shit out of me and I wouldn’t get into the ring with him for $287,987,287 and seventy-five cents. But, you know, it’s cool, if you want to tangle with him, I’ll watch. And just know, I’ve seen people recover from worse than the scrape you’re in with him right now. Catalina? Pfffff… I dunno man… If I had to choose between those two rings?

    I’m out.

    1. Dro&I,

      Thank you for this perspective, it helps me understand what is going on here. I am typically overly cautions in nature and a bit of a worrier and I think that got the better of me. It is also entirely possible I didn’t express myself well. Still, the reaction was… a bit over the top?

      I am not looking for a fight with H@M or anyone else here, it is not what I enjoy thinking about. He has the right to reply and can say what he wants, but I’m done. So, don’t expect this branch of the conversation to continue from my end. As Bob Ross puts it – “I can’t afford to hate people. I don’t have that kind of time.”

  3. DRO&I: Actually, I like your page today especially the description of the “Eddie Haskells” in cyberspace. Life in general, has to deal with a lot of Eddie Haskells. “Ward dear, don’t you think you were a little hard on the Beave?”

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