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  1. Roger, Please keep posting.
    JVC, Well said.
    To all, quit bickering with each other and just write. So what if someone disagrees with someone else. I could, but don’t comment or post on politics or who reads what. I could on my blog or here, but what does that benefit anyone? I seldom read what most of you read. I read about the pandemic, past ones, and other medical and scientific things. I’ve always read technical books instead of those which I consider entertainment even though I have read some and enjoy them. Thus ends my bickering.
    I thank Daniel for hosting OTP and all the writers who contribute. It is interesting to read everyone’s views and learn from all.

  2. Doug: I remember playing my dad in chess, too. I also taught each of my three children how to play. I believe teaching our kids the game of chess is a parental duty!

  3. Bill M,

    “So what if someone disagrees with someone else.”

    I dunno Bill. If you think on it, it’s actually these interactions between people that create new understanding, that synthesizes progress from idle elements like new and unique signatures. We are the particle accelerators colliding ourselves together to create better understanding. Or, you know, we’re just rocks in the yard.

    Like Robert in Davis said about his concert-going experience, it was loud and he needed earplugs. There are other kinds of earplugs people use that can result in a self-inflicted deafness that clogs the arteries of culture and society. Stagnation? Is that what we really want? Seems like that ring around the bathtub that builds up as the water rises and drains.

    These exchanges between each other is where the magic happens, and to anyone truly interested in the human condition, this is where the eyes go, instantly, and we look forward to it every morning when that email drops and new typewritten posts await. You can watch from the safe distance of the back rows, the cheap seats, if you want. But don’t expect the players to hear you very well from there.

    “I could on my blog or here, but what does that benefit anyone?” Sounds like someone with an existential crisis going on. I know, I deal with it, personally, all the time. It does everyone a great benefit, but it’s up to each of us to walk out of the stadium either talking about the match we just saw, or about how much they hate the game at all.


  4. Roger: Thanks for your respectfully written OTP page today – a reply to my OTP page as an open letter to you on Sunday. Discussions of race can be foreboding and may seem futile. But as, Horses@12:00am has described the dynamic(s), it is the only way to present narratives (white, dare I say White male) and counternarratives (others) – and observe how we behave and react with shock, pain, guilt, pride, horror, joy, humor…. etc. It is our great American experiment. I KNOW you come from a good family. My father and most all of my Filipino-American uncles served in the WWII theater too. My uncle on my mother’s side was a seargent and Recognized Guerilla under the command of General McArthur. I also have two uncles who marched in the Bataan Death March – Filipinos soldiers, shoulder to shoulder with American soldiers. My husband’s uncle, served in the highly decorated 442nd regimental combat team, at a time when Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps on mainland US. (Wow, does my family have enough military cred now?) To top it off, I have an 2nd cousin once-removed, who received the Silver Star for his heroism in the Korean War. I hope to write about him one day. You can look up his commendation: Prudencio E. Rumbaoa, “A” Company, 19th Regiment. I have been told he should have received the Congressional Medal of Honor. Actually, I would like your opinion on that. Lastly, I sent your Pearl Harbor Memorial OTP, complete with the picture of Miller and your cousin Archie to many, along with my reflection. It was enjoyed by many people at my parish church who had not heard about Miller’s story. Just type! I am going to re-type this message for tomorrow – because I know many people read OTP on a daily basis and don’t read the comments.

  5. ERRATUM. I made a typo in my OTP piece today. I meant to type, “In fact discussions of race have been contributed by WHITE writers including Roger, Robert…”

    1. I was wondering about that. It’s complicated. Many people just assume I’m straight white, Ivy League, even. And the Mexican side thinks my half whiteness is like some affliction I was born with, even going so far as to call me a coconut – brown on the outside, white on the in.

      It’s interesting when in white company people have no problem cracking wetback jokes, and in Mexican company I’ve been asked if I was a cop. Yeah, THAT kind of Mexican company concerned with such things. And so I’m pretty aware to the subtleties implied in conversations about race, and about the conversation itself.

  6. Thank you, Catalina, for the kind words. Your father, uncles, and the other members of your family who served were brave men. And I look forward to learning about Mr. Rumbaoa’s heroism in Korea. Thanks too for sharing the posts about Mr. Miller. That was very thoughtful of you. I’ll submit another post to OTP in a day or two.

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