4 thoughts on “Tuesday, December 14, 2021

  1. Catalina, you got it correct in pounds but not in kilos. Yesterday, Claire wrote 25 kilo bags of rice (not 50), which you correctly converted to 55 lbs.

    Daniel B.

  2. Leo, I found your story to be very moving today. I had to look up the word “revenant,” not much used by us Yankees. But yes, a ghost or spirit that returns to greet a living person is a common theme in many cultures. Revenants appear to me often. I also had to look up the French “to understand all is to forgive all.” Yes. WG: Trying to get caught up with “Caroline Says” pages.

  3. Hello, Catalina.

    Don’t worry. I think it’s better to read them a few at a time rather than day by day, especially as I often have to end in the middle of a sentence.

    I’m up to Part III in ‘Cultural Evidence’, but, naturally, I will read it all again. There’s much to enjoy.

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