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  1. Tori-I here you 100%. I have been noticing the same thing. I am doing ok, and have been doing a lot of work on myself to have the right headspace to basically buffer all of the crap people are throwing around out there. I do not take it personally, and I have removed as many trigger points that I can find in my psyche. It is pretty hard to piss me off though I have my moments. I put in an hour or more in the morning to prepare myself mentally for the day (this does not include exercise), and I write a full page gratitude letter every night before I go to bed. These things have helped immensely.

  2. Tori

    I am in agreement with Chris on this one, you have hit the nail on the head. Not wanting to get into any sort of religions discussion here, but I will bring up a passage from the New Testament. We as believers have been warned about times like this in the book of Ephesians, chapter 6: verses 10-18.

    “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

    Getting your thoughts and feelings typed onto paper is in itself therapy, once they’re safely on paper, you can let go of them in your head. Take care and please keep typing, (this goes for everyone who submits to OTP)


  3. Leo, I was sucked into your poem. It reminds me that I want to write about my favorite Beatles song, “She’s Leaving Home,” — the Beatles conversation started a few days ago by Robert.

  4. Hi, Catalina. Thanks for reading the poem. I have to admit, because I grew up in London in the 60s, when the Beatles were everywhere all the time, radio (main source of music), BBC & ITV (the only 2 TV channels) and all the newspapers and magazines, I later grew sick of them, having had an overdose, so I was more than ready when punk came along in about 1975, though that grew tiresome, too. I never listen to the Beatles if I can possibly avoid it. And I still can’t always avoid it! When I was a fan, I always liked John, never quite trusted Paul.

    But if you haven’t seen “Nowhere Boy” (2009), the story of how the young John Lennon was raised by his aunt, all the while unaware that his biological mother lived just a street away, it’s a heartbreaking must, and explains his song, ‘Mother’ (“You had me, but I never had you”).

  5. Chris, Tori, Sky, I feel you. Buffers and tiggers. Writing is my bufffer. But I’m a reporter so it’s also a trigger. Talk about wrestling with demons. That’s why I type.

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