4 thoughts on “Wednesday, December 22, 2021

  1. Mike,
    I think I first read A Christmas Carol in 7th Grade, again in 9th, yet again in 12th and since 1978 it’d become an annual read from Thanksgiving until Christmas along with several of other Christmas works by Charles Dickens.
    Kent, your neighborhood sounds like mine. It’s a neat challenge to see who gets up and out first after a new fallen snow. Unfortunately we have not gotten anything worth shoveling yet.
    Linda, Congrats on the fine typewriter chart.

  2. Leo, I could hear you laughing “guay, guay, guay, guay!” John Baird, I followed your OTP through the history and botanical development of the papaya, while listening to a few Bach Chorales. Glad it was not Junipero Serra bringing papayas to California.

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