6 thoughts on “Saturday, December 25, 2021

  1. Yikes. In today’s story I gave Beatrice two names. She started out as Norma, before she became Beatrice, and I reverted to Norma halfway down the story. Must’ve read it half a dozen times and still didn’t spot it…Damn.

    Mike in Virginia: Thank you. Watch this space.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  2. Mike in Virginia: Saying ‘Caroline Says’ is ‘a great story’ is as good as a Christmas present. I’m going to hang that one on my imaginary Christmas tree.

    Mike in Suquamish: Re: the Clairefontaine paper, it’s only 80gsm copy/laser paper, and I picked it up from Amazon at half-price because the wrapper had a tear in it. The Rey/Adagio blue paper I was using before cost me more. But there’s something infinitely more classy about Clairefontaine paper, it has a certain cachet. French authors namecheck it as often as Anglo writers namecheck Moleskine. I found out too late that the blue paper is difficult to read when not backlit on a computer screen. I had to use a desk lamp to read it back in hard copy! The would-be-orange (Clementine) pages will become even clearer to read because I’ve finally changed the ribbon to a brand new silk one. I tend to keep using ribbons until they’re barely readable, and even then I can’t bring myself to throw them away. I have about fifty ribbons, some dating back to the 1950s, many still securely wrapped, but nothing beats a silk ribbon, so I told everyone who asked (all three of them) that I wanted silk universal ribbons for Xmas. I now have two. In typewriter terms I am as rich as Croesus.

    Mike in Virginia and Mike in Suquamish: It’s an admittedly small sample (2), but an impressive percentage (2/2 = 100%), so I have deduced that people called Mike like my writing. Therefore I like MIkes. I am now going out, manuscript in hand, in search of more Mikes…

    Happy Christmas to everyone on OTP!

  3. Thanks to Kent, Mike in Suquamish, and Mike in Virginia for the well wishes about the permanent leave I typed about a few days ago. The Circular Ruins is the title of a short story by Jorge Louis Borges about dreams and dreaming. Any entries from me under that heading are inspired by (my) dreamlife and should not be taken literally. However, as Borges’ wonderful short story well demonstrates, the line between dreamworld and waking world is not nearly as solid as we sometimes imagine, and thus your well wishes are very well received, and appreciated. Cheers to all.

    1. I pulled down my copy of Borges “Collected Fictions” and found The Circular Ruins already bookmarked! Looks like I have enough time to read it again before bedtime.

  4. DRO&I, that was some nice festive versifying. Merry Christmas to all you OTPers out there, may your keys keep from jamming and your ribbons stay nicely inked.

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