2 thoughts on “Monday, December 27, 2021

  1. Greetings to the Typist from Whiteout, PNW

    Love the gorgeous green type on your page, I find the different colors of ribbon are far more enjoyable than boring old black. Sounds like you are a long hauler typist who never lost sight of the importance of these writing machines, hats off to you and really glad to have you on board.

    Several who contribute to OTP are also members of Type-Pals (pen-pals with typewriters), an international group of typewriter enthusiasts who meet over zoom on Sunday Mornings (Pacific time) and send typed letters to each other. As you say, there’s something perfect about the imperfections of a manually typed letter, it still contains the feeling and personality of the writer which get stripped away in a computer generated/edited document. Take care and stay safe,


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