6 thoughts on “Wednesday, December 29, 2021

  1. Hi, Catalina: Only English and Spanish, fluently. I can read ‘simple’ French (Simenon, Modiano) and Italian comics (Diabolik) and I like to play with my dictionaries. (Might have to rephrase that…) I like to see poetry in the original version when I can, and I’m toying with learning German, but it takes away precious writing time. I’m glad you liked the Dent article. I had appended it but I think there were copyright problems so it didn’t appear.

  2. Kent, You bring back some fond memories of the early net days; text servers, program sharing BBs, and news lists among other things. Then we got over inundated with everything must be graphics….

    1. Don’t forget The Well!

      My kids shake their heads and roll their eyes when I describe how raw and wide-open the online world / web used to be, before (IMHO) HTML 5 turned nearly everything into neat little parcels of shit.

  3. donkeybydaylight, I could not keep from hearing and being haunted by “profit prophet, profit prophet, profit prophet, ” all day today, standing in line at the post office, doing errands in the rain [Mark 8:36]” For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (King James version) The true prophets of old (Buddah, Mohammed) would agree. I had only to search “children cobalt” to see videos of Congo families, children, mothers with babies on their hips, sifting through the dirt and river water for the toxic metal, heaped into burlap bags. I also came across across an article that the demand for cobalt will double by 2030. In this day and age Humanity is even more expendable. Exponentially so.

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