11 thoughts on “Thursday, December 30, 2021

  1. Catalina, thanks for your continued meditations on profit/prophet.

    Nicholas Niarchos has a well-reported essay on cobalt mining in Congo in the May 2021 New Yorker Magazine:


    The new “Race to the Future” series in the NYTimes is also an excellent way to better understand just how dirty (environmentally and labor and human rights-wise) the so-called “green” energy revolution is. Recent reportage in that series covers nickel mining in New Calcedonia and Chile’s attempt to rewrite its entire Constitution in response to the degradation caused by lithium mining and refinement. Plenty in that series too about cobalt in the Congo. (Note China’s dominance of the “green” battery sector.)

    As always, what is below ground returns in the form of the repressed, much to the chagrin of those who plug their electric vehicles into charging stations and believe themselves to be virtuously saving the planet. Fossil fuels are no better, of course.

    I will likely type more on this in 2022.


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  2. All – Lots of enumerations and fetishizations of murdered animals and their body parts on these pages today, and of late. Turkeys, crabs, chickens, cows, and now, the leg of a lamb….we normalize, naturalize, and reproduce that which we leave unremarked, so let me just be the lone voice to say that sadism = pleasure derived from the suffering of others and there few seasons more sadistic than the holidays.

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    1. I don’t know anybody who wishes suffering on the animals we eat. It is assumed (rightly or wrongly) that the animals are killed swiftly and humanely. I agree that we should not lose sight of the source of our sustenance. There is a distance between the slaughter and consumption that makes this possible. Overall, I have accepted eating meat for what it is, but I can certainly understand if you do not.


  3. DBD: Re: The Financialization of Language. Your point is well made. Look at how many people this year, not having access to vaccinations because they came from the erstwhile ‘third’, now ‘majority’ world, ended up ‘buying the the farm’…


    1. Great example, Leo, we should LEVERAGE it further. The invasion is so total that even my own attempt to underscore it inadvertently fell prey, as in when I wrote, “PAY attention….”

      When people tell me they don’t buy an idea or an argument, I often retort Good, it’s not for sale. But of course the insidiousness runs much deeper, into the underground seams of our imaginations and our sense of what is collectively plausible and possible.

      One reason, Leo, I like much of your work is that it widens and holds space for alternative imaginations.

      Do you BUY that? What is your TWO CENTS? Is anyone else INVESTED in this conversation?


  4. Donkeybydaylight, Financialization of Language ADD: “A penny for your thoughts.” (hahaha) Seriously. “collateral damage” and “military assets” which I will explain more fully in my next OTP. ”DRO&I: “it’s all those other ones marked ‘To whom it may concern.’” Not necessarily a bullet; a rope and a tree will suffice. Bullets of intimidation. Your dad probably did not accept that mind set–and saw what that intimidation did to others. And it got/gets to him; every time. As Xicano has typed, “I notice that in pictures of lynchings that the white people are always smiling for the camera…” (paraphrased.) Ron, your son is drinking “Cold Brew.” Less acid; pure taste. Deal with it.


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