8 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 5, 2022

  1. Leo, I’m happy to help spread word power. Thanks for reading my stuff. I also picture myself shouting down an abandoned well when I write. However I am too stubborn to stop shouting. My back hurts from leaning over this low stone wall!

  2. JVC@ABQ: Oh, a feisty post. I love it. “messy wiring stuffed behind the couch of our minds” & “our little ape brains”

    Kent Peterson: Such a fun and thought-provoking read. Despite the subject, I found myself smiling at your writing.

    John Baird: This had me enthralled all the way through, and the last sentence was so satisfying.

    Unknown: Couldn’t identify a byline, but thank you so much for sharing “Everybody in America Hate the South” by Jacqueline Allen Trimble! I’ve added the book to my Amazon shopping cart.

    Dato: I, for one, am very curious about your book(s) of letters–both the content and the physical book(s). Maybe share a picture?

  3. Hey Greg, the “unknown” typer goes by DBD or Donkeybydaylight, formerly Horses@mignight. I visit your Poor Typist blog occasionally, condolences on Madeline the dog, and your loving poem. I also ordered a copy of Jacqueline Allen Trimble’s “Happiness.” Enjoy the new year.

    1. Dato, thanks for that, but I think it was Gregory Short who asked for a picture. Still, I’m glad to have seen it. Who knows about these things? Pessoa’s Book of Disquietude writings were found in a trunk after his death, and look at them now!

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