5 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 11, 2022

  1. Hi, Kent. It’s either a case of “Great minds think alike” or “Fools never differ”. Though I’m not familiar with the Bob Seger song, the poem does express how I often feel. Let’s see: “I wish I was as stupid now as I was back then…” Nah. Doesn’t have the same ring. Thanks for the heads-up, I shall be destroying that poem forthwith. I’m going to start a new one. It begins: “And now, the end is near/And so I face…”

  2. donkeybydaylight: Very powerful piece; 30 pages in OED? Robert, I had a moment to read the Wolfe short story, “Far and Near.” The infatuation of longings can disappoint deeply. This happens at all ages. But we recover. WG: you got me reading a little about Rasputin. Kent I like the chickadee stamp. Leo, I like the perfect rhyme of “impart” and “fart.” Seeger’s “Against the Wind” was a big hit in the early 80’s stateside. Now, because of Kent, I will think of Leo whenever I hear and get wind of the song.

    1. Hi Catalina. 30 pages when printed out from the online OED. Dunno how many in the bound edition. The word that keeps on giving. Or keeps on taking, as it were.

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