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  1. Catalina: I did learn Freight Train in standard tuning but use 12-54 gauge strings which can make the pull offs and other flourishes difficult, especially for a geezer with some gnarled fingers. If I had a guitar I could dedicate to open tuning I’d try it that way, but I don’t. Only have one acoustic, which I keep in standard tuning. As you know, changing tunings frequently can make it difficult to keep a guitar in tune and wears out the strings. Alternate tunings are fun though.

  2. Hi Catalina. Great poem by Levertov. I’ve got a large volume of hers on my poetry shelves, 1968-1972. She mentions a tangerine; John Baird oranges in general (doesn’t ‘binge’ and ‘hinge’ and ‘tinge’ rhyme with ‘orange’?); I’m going with clementines in tomorrow’s 5MP (#200,”Notes on the Origins of Oranges”, for dbd) – not least because it rhymes with ‘mine’ – the pronoun, not the verb.

  3. Hi, Kent Peterson.
    Two weeks ago I hadn’t heard of Wordle. Suddenly, it’s everywhere…I wouldn’t say it’s harmless, though. A student of mine introduced me to it and after doing just the first word (TIGER) I realised that it could become a huge time suck. Not a waste of time, of course, but I can see myself doing it for hours, so I’m not going to do it at all. Too much to read, too much to write…Here’s a link to an interesting article called ‘How to win at Wordle using linguistic theory’ by David Shariatmadari. (The Guardian doesn’t have a paywall, so I think you’ll be able to open the link.)

  4. W.G., One of the nice things about Wordle is that it only has one word per day. Once you’ve found the day’s word, you have to wait until the next day to play again.

    I’ve now enhanced my Wordle solving assistant to incorporate the green, gold, and gray letter clues so it pretty much takes damn near all the challenge out of it. So, to keep things fun, I won’t be using it!

    And now that I’ve done this, I could pretty easily write my own Wordle clone (for my own use) with unlimited plays. But that would open the door to massive time wasting, so I’ll focus my Python programming in other directions.

  5. Yes, typewriters have distinct aromas. The H3k if in good condition has a neat machine shop light oil smell. One that has been left out of the case most of its life looses most of that aroma. Olympia typewriters have a slightly less machine shop aroma. Then the stored in a damp cellar mildew smell of many non cared for portables.

  6. catalina, thanks for referencing the interview with rita felski: i look forward to reading it. thanks, too, for the amazing levertov poem, which i may now include in the mining praise series.

    leo, what? a 5MP for dbd? baited breath, mine baited breath.

  7. Kent, I’m liking the new artesanal rustic stamps you carved out. Skyriter. W.G., I think I am caught up with “Caroline Says”. You have not doubled back to the hospital yet right? dbd, I have a few more words on Jack Gilbert’s poem in my next OTP post.

    1. Hi, Catalina: Mr Lawrence has been to the hospital to see Jennifer on the last page (155) posted: “Lawrence had phone calls to make. He had to arrange a kidnapping. Two, in fact.” But I’m going to stay away from the hospital for several pages to deal with some other characters, past and present. Thanks for the interest!

  8. Kent, Im playing wordle each morning too. I love playing it one time and not going down the time-suck rabbit hole that I have experienced in the past with word games. 1 each Wordle, Spelling Bee, and Mini crossword, along with morning coffee and I’m good to go! I didn’t realize you carved you stamps. That’s cool.

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