5 thoughts on “Monday, January 17, 2022

  1. Dato: That’s a coincidence. I spotted a Blackwing Pencil on DBD’s page yesterday, but it was a 651. (W.G. OTP’s self-appointed Blackwing Pencil Spotter.)

  2. Catalina: Quite by chance, the page of ‘Caroline Says’ that I wrote last night, begins: “All reveries will be interrupted.” I then go on to say how cell phones have placed us in cells, etc. “Your cell phone had you in its cell, if you didn’t switch it off.” And probably even if you do. Just another case of OTPers hitting upon similar themes at the same time, since you seem to be saying that a smartphone could take over your life. Writing a novel that’s set both before and after wide usage of cell phones (mobile phones in the UK) brings home to one just how much the way we think and behave has changed. My 30-year-old nephew won’t read or watch anything set in pre-internet times.

  3. W.G., I noticed the pencils of both Dato (Steinbeck model 602) with “firm and smooth graphite” and a pink eraser and donkeybydaylight, with a 651- the Bruce Lee model, named for his studio in Seattle on 651-S Weller Street, extra firm graphite, black and yellow stripe and yellow eraser. Go figure!

    1. Catalina: I had no idea there was a pencil named after Bruce Lee. He also wore a black-and-yellow fighting costume. Can’t help thinking though of how easily pencils can be weaponized, even when one isn’t writing with them.

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