3 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 18, 2022

  1. Ron A: Healey’s “I Think I Love You Too Much” is as good a rock song as I’ve ever heard, and his cover of Angel is very good. I always liked the way he did Blue Jean Blues. Never cared much for his singing.

  2. DRO&I – congrats on your 2nd promotion! I’m currently idling on 3 granddaughters, but expect quite a few more, whether or not I’m here to welcome them.

    It’s humbling to realize that ultimately you are one link in a chain that stretches back to the dawn of human existence. No link is more or less important than any other (though some are undeniably cuter), yet all are absolutely critical to the continuation of the chain.

  3. Roger, Oh yes, Sister Rosetta Tharp on Gibson SG guitar rocks the gospel — reminds me how Aretha Franklin was as at the piano. (Aretha was so underrated as a pianist.) Ron, I enjoyed viewing videos of Jeff Healy. Wow! He plays the guitar like a dulcimer (not a Dobro). I enjoyed his cover “My Guitar Gently Weeps” with a stellar solo and blues vocal harmonies.

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