10 thoughts on “Friday, January 21, 2022

  1. Correction. The first movie version of True Grit was released in 1969. Portis’s book True Grit was published in 1968.

  2. GH, I’m passively hunting for a Splendid 99 (or 66). I had my sights on the one of the latter but the deal fell through. It seems like all the Spendids have a British accent.

  3. Hi, Roger: There was also a sequel with Wayne reprising the role in Rooster Cogburn (1975), this time with Katherine Hepburn trying to find justice for the murder of her father. Interesting footnote: In True Grit, apparently Wayne didn’t speak a single word to Kim Darby between takes because he’d wanted his own daughter, Aissa, to play that role.

  4. W.G.: I’m glad Wayne’s daughter didn’t get the part. Have seen Rooster Cogburn a time or two. Good movie. Nice pairing of Duke and Kate.

  5. Kent, your stamps look great. I don’t think the cat looks evil – just aloof and a little bored, an expression that is quintessentially feline.

  6. Leo, yes, cats, work, on, comma, poems, late, at, night, sight, tight, bright, kites, with, mouse, tails, alight.

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