2 thoughts on “Sunday, January 23, 2022

  1. Double-Bubble for Blackwing spotters today: A Blackwing 10, named after Nellie Bly, for her 10 days spent undercover in a mental asylum, and a Blackwing 530, celebrating ‘eureka moments of the creative process’ using The Gold Rush and a ‘gold strike’ as its metaphor. I’m beginning to wonder if all this product placement isn’t financed by the company itself…(Insert suitable icon to indicate remark is intended as humorous)

  2. Joe JBVC@ABQ, Take care of your grandson and YOURSELF. donkeysbydaylight, I enjoyed your Mining Praise #3 of Leslie Marmon Silko – from the Laguna Pueblo / Mexican surviving the Bataan Death March — for this? — to the majesty of the mountain lion of the true earth. W.G. I like Maggie’s typings, hope there is more. More typewriters around? A typed and notarized will?

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