5 thoughts on “Thursday, January 27, 2022

  1. Kent: Inspired by your OTP today — particularly the stamps — I found this story about a race between a tortoise (which is basically a turtle) and a hare (which is just a rabbit with an attitude) and ***SPOILER ALERT*** the tortoise winds up BEATING the hare! In a race! M. Night Shyamalan has nothing on those Brothers Grimm.

  2. Nice story on the Zephyr. I think the TSA likes the Zephyr better than any others I’ve taken on trips with me.
    I miss Writer’s Almanac on NPR.

  3. Bill M, I love to travel with my SC Skyriter. The Zephyr has a serial number in a different place than my other Smith Caronas usually a bar under the carriage return. I researched that the Zephyr serial number is inside the body under the backspace key on the right. 1Z 16511, confirming it is circa 1938. Leo, guay! guay! chiao meow! W.G. you have until 7:00 AM PST to find a Blackwing. DRO&I, you wrote enough yesterday, and are good for a couple of days.

    1. My Zephyr is from 1939. I’ve traveled with it and Skyriters until I got a Brother Challenger-11. It is easier and cheaper to replace a Brother than the others. Recently I have been using an Olivetti Lettera 22 or Lettera 32 as I have several without the zipper cases. They fit into a small backpack nicely as well as the panniers on my bicycle. All are nice travel typewriters. None get the attention of the TSA and the use by the TSA agents as when I take the Zephyr though. I’ve taken a Hermes Baby, but none of those I have type as nice as a Skyriter or Lettera.

  4. Catalina: Damn, missed that one. Can’t identify its number. Now that it is only half a pencil, or half of what it used to be…It’s the smaller, safer kind that Mallard, after the accident, still allows himself to use for his haikus. Though I don’t know if his budget stretches to Blackwings. They’re absurdly pricey. I’m bidding on one on Ebay.

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