7 thoughts on “Saturday, January 29, 2022

  1. Robert in Davis, I love that your son follows his soul and knows what he likes. We all strive to be authentic and not give a damn what anyone thinks about us. Well it’s worked for me. I suggest you find a good pot shop and try marijuana and eventually give up alcohol. I grew up with alcohol-dependent family members so I chose marijuana to stay peaceful and centered. Again, it’s what saved me. I wish there had been safe places to buy pot in the 60s. With all the options of smoking it, edibles, etc. you will find what works.

  2. Luke Liu, that decision on the non-compatible accessory is what we call “above and beyond your pay grade” — my husband would say, “heads will roll; but hopefully not yours.”

  3. W.G. I was saving the reading your pages today for after dinner/dessert. I love reading letters and the 3 pager from Father to Maggie is intriguing. Now, I want to go back. Dad has hired Malik as a new partner. But refresh my memory; wasn’t it revealed that Malik was undercover for another entity?

    1. Hi, Catalina. No, Malik is not undercover. He’s an honest attorney (or is that an oxymoron?) who retired early thanks to inheriting from his uncle but then found that he needed to be working to feel useful, and since Caroline mentioned that her father was looking for someone to take on part of the work, he joined forces with Franco. There may be too many characters whose names begin with M: Malik, Maggie, Mallard, Meantimo… Meantimo was working undercover for the D.E.A. You may be thinking of Helmore. He appears in one brief chapter (so far) in which he picks up Patrick Forrest in a gay bar in Boys Town while working undercover for the FBI. I will return to him in Part Three. Thanks for your interest!

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