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  1. Hi, Catalina. I’m glad you liked Franco’s letter to his daughter Maggie, but there’s a typo in your post: it’s Jennifer’s letters, his wife’s, not Caroline’s, in a safe!

  2. Hi, Roger. Kurt Vonnegut has never been out of print. Only late last year, a new, 2-hour film documentary came out: Unstuck in Time, which was 25 years in the making. I’m sure it will gain him many new readers. I guess he’s sort of a young person’s writer, which I intend as a great compliment. Graham Greene thought he was ‘one of the most able living writers’. And then there are old fools like me who still reread him from time to time. “Slapstick” is one of his best books. It’s about loneliness. Wikipedia mentions: “his sister died of cancer in 1958, a mere two days after her husband had also died in a train accident.” His book about the state’s murder of Sacco and Vanzetti, “Jailbird”, is better than any history book on the subject. He was a man of his time, who later wrestled with his sexism and misogyny, and possibly won. Anyway, that’s my ten cents on one of the few writers that I actually ever wanted to meet.

  3. Hi Leo, Thanks for the good information. I think you’re right about Vonnegut’s appeal to younger readers, but I’m sure there are many like us who still think highly of his work after all these years and read him if we feel the need. I always thought he was a great humorist. Thanks for the heads up on Jailbird. I’ll add it to my list along with Slapstick and Galapagos.

  4. Catalina, my bowling shirt says Grace & Frankie. I bought it from someone who got it as a crew gift the first or second season. It’s on Netflix and is a must see show. The final season 7 will be out soon. I mostly bowl and golf alone. when I lived in Minnesota I golfed with some senior women who were very conservative. They told me they’d never met a democrat/divorced woman before. I said you must get out more. Luckily I’m cool with doing everything alone.

  5. Roger, I LOVED Vonnegut as a 13 year old boy. I still have the books. I can’t stand to part with them because they once meant so much to me, even if I am not compelled to re-read them again now as an adult. I should give it a try. I see Player Piano on my shelf now and the back flap suggests to me that it might still be quite relevant. I’ll type a review if I read it again!

  6. Catalina — we will return to Davies Symphony Hall for Stravinsky in March and Shostakovich’s 10th Symphony in April. Covid dependent…

  7. Linda+ Rockey: Bowling alone reminds me of that scene in Double Indemnity when Fred MacMurray’s character Walter goes to the bowling alley and rolls a few lanes to clear his head. Golfing alone is a good head clearer too, but sometimes it’s good to have a partner. Once when I was playing alone I made a hole in one but couldn’t claim it because there wasn’t a witness.

  8. Kent, ten degrees fahrenheit, that’s around minus twelve Celsius. Crisp! I miss winter snow and ice. An Ice carousel sounds like fun but I’d want to wear spikes. Falling on ice is my least favourite thing to do. My nearest ice festival would be about 10 hours flying north to Hokkaido Japan. Though I’ve been there several times in the snow, I’ve only travel led when the prices are off-peak, so no ice festival.

  9. Catalina, I’m listening to Ak Dan Gwang Chil right now – the album title is Such is Life. Seems very danceable.

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