3 thoughts on “Tuesday, February 1, 2022

  1. Bonjour Claire,

    Félicitations pour ta nouvelle machine à écrire! Je comprends la difficulté que présente un clavier différent, j’aimerais bien avoir une machine avec un clavier AZERTY mais c’est plutôt rare au Canada.

    It’s great that you know all these skills. It doesn’t make you 60, it makes you an artisane, one that makes things with her hands. I am 5 years short of 60 but have been cooking, sewing and mending since I was 16. As for the 80’s music, I think you have good taste 🙂

    A person with hand skills is more likely to repair things than throw them away and it’s more ecological and cheaper in the long run.

    À la prochaine,

    Daniel Burgoyne

  2. Kent, Although not a Blackwing, the pencil accessory “clip” is retro cool! Very geeky. W.G. I shed a tear on the last page. Then I reminded myself it’s only noir fiction. I snapped out of it.

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