8 thoughts on “Saturday, February 5, 2022

  1. Dan H, am glad I’m not only movie fan. I do go to the theatre even though it was closed for a year and a half. I go during the day on weekdays. More times than not I am also the only patron. I don’t mind because I can laugh out loud or cry if I want to. My dream has always been to buy a vintage cinema so if anyone sees one for sale let me know. I keep a list on my phone of every movie I see in a theater.

  2. Legitimate Political Discourse is brilliant. It is sad, maddening and all true. Living in DC is tough because that day never leaves my thoughts. We knew days ahead that it was coming and yet didn’t know there was no help. Watching it unravel all day knowing I was safe in my apartment less than 2 miles away was so weird. For a few days after I did not venture out as the proud boys had taken over the hotel next to my building. I saw the bus come to load them up a few days after. They were happy with their efforts in DC yet I’m sure disappointed that they didn’t get to mass murder a lot of people. They waited for a showdown that didn’t happen. I hope you’ll all watch MSNBC Sunday night to see Love & the Constitution. It is Jamie Raskin’s assessment of that horrible along with coping with his son’s recent suicide. This man is someone we all can be proud of.

  3. Linda, love the LP’s, you have a turntable? I like the Dionne Warwick, Sarah Vaughan, and Michael Franks.

  4. donkeybydaylight, I typed a response to your Mining Praise Series on Audre Lorde, but forgot to attach to my email to Daniel Marleau. You will see a couple of my OTP’s tomorrow. To Type on!

  5. WG: Whoa, sex and typewriters, scents of “alcohol,” lubricants and “ink.” Also, Blackwing sighting: The Blackwing 651 is a tribute to the legendary Bruce Lee. Yellow and black (extra firm) barrel with yellow eraser. lol!

  6. Catalina: In today’s “Caroline Says” the Blackwing comes out of its protective glass tube (which I handle fondly several times a day, don’t ask me why) and lolls about naked on the page in all its glorious pencildom.

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