5 thoughts on “Monday, February 7, 2022

  1. Seems you had much of the same in ABQ, Joe, as we had here in MI. We were only 2 degrees F cooler, but that was for a few days.
    Neat part about shoveling snow after retiring is that you get all day to do it.

    The stink of cancer stick smoke in clothes the next day reminds me of my foolish time spent in bands or DJing in bar rooms.

  2. Dan, you NAILED it with your critique of Boba Fett. I feel the same way but couldn’t quite put it as eloquently as you did. I was always surprised that a character with such brief screen time would become such a cultural touchstone over the years. It’s past time for his own story, and I’m glad Disney produced it, but it could be so much more…

  3. Leo, muy bien. W.G., Can’t wait to read the microdot inside the ring. JoeVC@ ABQ, be safe always, dear. P.K.A. welcome back! donkeybydaylight, poets in general are scavengers. Scrappy. Kent, I right clicked and printed out several color copies of your NFT/OTP. ‘Gonna make a bundle. More lucrative than poetry. lol.

  4. Hi Catalina: But is it a microdot on Maggie’s ring, or a tiny inscription, or an account number, or a code, or an address, or a sentimental message? Watch this space…

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