8 thoughts on “Friday, February 11, 2022

  1. Kent: Enjoyed reading your piece on Tom Waits. Very entertaining and informative. He’s quite a philosopher. Do you have a favorite album of his?

  2. Roger, it’s so hard to pick a favorite because it seems like Tom has such a wide range of songs and moods. That said, Mule Variations is the album of his that I probably play the most, followed by, in roughly equal preference Swordfishtrombones, Frank’s Wild Years, and Rain Dogs. But his early stuff, Closing Time and Heart of a Saturday Night are plenty good and maybe an easier entry point for folks because they’re more conventional. And then there’s Nighthawks at the Diner, which is probably the peak of the Tom the barfly story teller phase.

    But if I have to pick one, I’d have to get behind the Mule. BTW, as to the song “What’s He Building in There?”, I find the narrator far more frightening than his “mysterious” neighbor. We’ve become a nation of paranoid busybodies and I think that’s what Tom is trying to warn us about.

  3. Kent: After reading the lyrics to What’s He Building and especially the last line “We have a right to know,” I think your take is the right one. Have to confess I’ve only listened to the song two or three times. I usually skip it. I enjoy most of the other songs on that album including Get Behind the Mule, but my favorite is Georgia Lee. The bridge is especially good, a great piece of songwriting. I couldn’t pick a favorite song overall. Too many I haven’t heard. I like Tom’s acting too, especially as that drunk in Ironweed. He’s also good with Redford in The Old Man With the Gun.

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