9 thoughts on “Saturday, February 12, 2022

  1. Catalina: You had me looking up ‘alterness’. I thought it might be the ability to alter/change rapidly. Then I saw that other people online had looked up ‘alterness’ but it’s only a typo for ‘alertness’. Still…alterness…there might be a poem in that…

  2. Leo,

    “in her cups,” I’d never heard that before. Thanks for starting my day off with an interesting new little toy.

  3. Kent, the best lottery is a surprise you didn’t expect and no money spent for it. Congratulations

  4. Tag in CA, I love your writing style and whether this is fact or fiction please keep writing. I think we all would like to know someone was longing for us but only a few are that lucky.

  5. W.G. There is something to be said about the poetic in your prose such as “manslaugher” and “man’s laughter” the most obvious — but so many other uses and twists of language that are quite enjoyable to read.

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