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    1. Your kind words are far reaching, encouraging and very much appreciated. I’m so grateful to have just discovered this wonderful site. It’s so nice to read the work of such great thinkers and writers, and to be able to comment. Thank you

      1. Welcome and look forward to reading your positive posts. I found this group of amazing people who saved me from depression during this covid crisis just with their daily words. We are all in this world together to learn and love all others. 😉

  1. Hi, Alexander Zimmer. That was a very strange thing for Hunter Thompson to do, since Fitzgerald wrote Gatsby entirely by hand, in pencil. A facsimile, in a limited edition, was released a few years ago. See: https://www.mrporter.com/en-us/journal/lifestyle/how-mr-f-scott-fitzgerald-wrote-the-great-gatsby-498276
    And how heartbreaking is this: “Mr Luhrmann has also contributed a foreword to the facsimile. He writes: “[In the year he died], some people say that his books were out of print, but they’re wrong – that year [1940] Fitzgerald sold nine copies of Tender Is The Night and seven of The Great Gatsby, earning royalties of $13.13. Fitzgerald himself could occasionally be spotted, in those final years, wandering in and out of stores buying up copies of his own books, just so that they’d register some sales.”

    1. Hey W.G- that’s an interesting point, and I must concede that the story may be apocryphal (I wouldn’t put it past H.S.T to spin such a yarn), or indeed misremembered by myself. If it is true, perhaps he was just seeking the sensation of having written a great American novel in whatever medium he preferred- though ironically I’d place some of Hunter’s novels as being higher up on the list of required reading in high school than Gatsby, splendid though it is.

      One correlation I note in both Fitzgerald’s masterpiece and the best works of Thompson though, is a preoccupation with narrative reliability, so it wouldn’t be shocked if Thompson felt a kinship with the novel.

      Thanks for the intriguing aside!

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