10 thoughts on “Monday, February 14, 2022

  1. Noe, Don’t teachers learn compassion in college? I can’t believe she would berate you for your handwriting and not see the effort and words used. I am appalled that cursive handwriting is no longer taught in school along with woodworking, sewing, and much more. How many people can sign their name, read a map, cook food, replace a button? Ok you get my point. Without a device in our hand we can do nothing. Kudos to you for rising above it and learning to appreciate a typewriter (silver lining).

  2. Roger, Sam Cooke was the best singer ever. I watched the documentary Lady You Shot Me: Life and Death of Sam Cooke and clearly he was murdered by the white man who had taken over his label and all music rights. He was killed then dropped in a seedy motel and a woman testified after being paid off that he brought her there. Saddest story of a true legend. I cry every time I played his records.

  3. “Curvy Adler Tippa”,

    I couldn’t have said it better myself- that Buy It Now burble in the guts followed by a strange lightness of being is a tremendous experience, especially once you’ve sussed out the selection that ticks every stylistic and mechanical box. Ironically, I never participate in auctions, though in my professional life, I’m an auctioneer.

    Good luck with your new muse.

  4. To The Typing Mystic

    You are right on so many points and on so many levels. Love is indeed a noun, a verb, a feeling and a commitment. The English language really holds us back when it comes to talking about love. The ancient Greek language had six words for love (Philia, Ludus, Agape, Pragma, Eros and Philautia), each of these loves is different from the others and (Philautia) can be broken down into two different meanings. If we could find a way to use these 6 different words in our language when we talk about love, our conversations could be much deeper and way more meaningful. Take care and God Bless,


  5. W.G.: Blackwing sighting in your story. What is the archival tube thing? Rather fetishistic or something like that. Leo, prose poetry from platen, playten, playpus, Remington machine gun, typewriter and escapement… fun reading today!

  6. Hi, Catalina. The glass tubes for Blackwings can be bought separately or sometimes come with ‘limited editions’. They are as described in that chapter, with a dinky little cork, and a few chapters ago you can spot the pencil inside a tube on the left-hand margin of the page. A friend of mine who lives in Chile wants one. I have until September to save up for another one or I’ll have to give her my own. But it really is a thing of beauty, as well as being fetishistic and as phallic as you like.

  7. Catalina: Danny Demarest, it will be revealed a few chapters on, has ‘a dirty little secret’ – he writes poetry on the side, furtively. It turns out that a few of the gangsters in the story,do, too; even the ones who didn’t meet Robert Lowell in prison (cf Lepke).

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