6 thoughts on “Tuesday, February 15, 2022

  1. Typing Mystic, I have that typewriter but mine types cursive. I wish I loved it as much as you love yours. I love the font on yours. Glad you joined are fun group.

  2. Hi, Catalina. Very interesting that about playing above the escapement. Watched the Andrew Aarons video. Put on Brendel’s version of Schubert’s G Flat Major Impromptu. (In fact, I put them all on.) Wrote a few lines for a chapter in which Lawrence/Golubev listens to an old Schubert tape in his car after a gruelling failure…All grist for the mill…Thank you.

  3. Linda + Rockey: To expand a bit on the mystery of Sam Cooke’s death, your conclusion is one of several, but probably not widely accepted. The Two Killings suggests that Cooke was killed perhaps because he was too involved with people in the Civil Rights Movement the government considered dangerous. But it also explores another scenario: Cooke was very depressed after the death of his infant son and his marriage had fallen apart. He began to drink heavily and seek out prostitutes.
    The Los Angeles Police Department bears much of the blame for the mystery because they failed to do a thorough investigation. In short, they didn’t care. To them, Sam Cooke was just another dead black man. Muhammad Ali was right when he said that if Elvis or some other white artist had been murdered there’d have been a complete investigation. If you’re interested you might consider reading Peter Guralnick’s book about Sam Cooke.

  4. Joe – now that you’ve read up on Ricky Jay, now consider what a crime it was that they cast him in a James Bond film (Tomorrow Never Dies), and even wrote and probably even filmed a scene where he fought Bond using his thrown playing card skills (shades of Oddjob there), and then cut that scene from the film. What a waste. 😛

  5. W.G. Yes, the Andrew Aarons video is amazing. I wrote down the other pieces the Schubert, Ravel Gaspard de la nuit Odine and Debussy’s Deux Arabesque #1 in E major. Leo, I had more time to carefully read your “Danny Demarest” series and I am getting to like the retro quirckiness. Where’s Daniel Marleau today? I hope he is okay.

  6. Hi, Catalina. I’m glad, because there’s quite a bit more of The Poor Detective to come.

    I’m also worried by the absence of Daniel Marleau yesterday since he’s never missed a day before and there was no message, so I hope he’s okay.

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