4 thoughts on “Thursday, February 17, 2022

  1. Huzzah! The pages return- glad to see Daniel is well, as the pause this week had some of us a little concerned. This is a fine way to welcome the malaise of Thursday, the week’s most anxious day.

    Dan- I quite agree with your assessment of the latest Spider-Man movie. While it is nice to be able to experience theater-going once again and the year has been surprisingly good for movies after the drought of Covid-induced Hollywood grind, of all the movies I’ve caught recently, Spider-Man left me the most satisfied. Everyone involved seemed to be A) Enjoying themselves and B) Giving it their all. The scene where MJ takes a fall near the end and the redemption that follows actually had me getting misty-eyed.

    It’s no secret that big budget franchise dreck is mostly that- dreck. But it’s easy to forget that many of the most beloved and enduring films of the last 100 years have been big budget crowd pleasers- from Casablanca to Raiders, sometimes the star studded mainstream hits just right.

  2. Leo, This Danny Demarest series is a crack up and the ads and format so retro. Funny after reading about the Rita Hayworth comparison of Geraldine Kane, my Instagram brought me to a video of Hayworth and Astaire tap dancing. W.G., Blackwing alert with archival tube. Xicano, eggs, hueveos – y cajones?

  3. Catalina: Hayworth was Astaire’s favourite dancer…Don’t get your ‘cajones’ (draws/cupboards) mixed up with your ‘cojones’ – but if you get your cojones caught in the cajones…That would be very painful indeed…Thanks for the ‘crackup’ comment

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