7 thoughts on “Friday, February 18, 2022

  1. No Blackwings were sighted on OTP today…In other PENCIL news tonight: A box of PaperMate SharpWriters #2 (full, empty?) was seen lying on the spacebar of the famous “Crazy” Olivetti Studio 44 while a uni-Power Tank 1.0 rested on same typer. Are the Power Tank’s intentions friendly, or are they Putin on a show of strength? N.A.T.P.O. (North Atlantic Treaty Pencil Organisation) are standing by.

  2. Catalina: curling is similar to shuffleboard, la p├ętanque and croquet , in that the objective is to land as many stones as possible in the center of the “house”, which is nothing more than a taget laid down flat on the ice surface.

  3. A few more things about curling: it has it’s own complex jargon. Those stones are granite and heavy. The thing with the sweeping is to either increase or decrease the friction of the ice and therefore the speed of the stone. The different sweeping techniques create different results. There us a whole set of complex rules involving the casting of the last stone. My son Peter actually did some curling when he was doing his grad work in Ice Physics at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. And here in Superior, the Curling Rink is just a few blocks north of my local grocery store.

  4. Oh, and I almost forgot, curling shoes are weird. One has a very grippy sole and the other one is very slick. Also, there’s a whole technique thing in whether the stone is spun clockwise or counterclockwise.

    1. Kent is right. I had written a long explanation, using the correct nomenclature, explaining pebbling the ice surface with water droplets and the art of throwing the 42-lbs stones down towards the “house” target at the other end and sweeping. When I pressed send, it went into cyber oblivion. Oh, yes, and the stone thrower and/or the skip often yell inintelligible instructions to the sweepers in the like of: HAAARD!, HURRYYYYYY! and OFF! The more dramatic the throw, the more yelling takes place…

      Daniel B

  5. Kent and Daniel B. Eh! I enjoyed reading the physics of curling. lol. Okay like Italian Bocce…except on ice.

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