6 thoughts on “Sunday, February 20, 2022

  1. Kent, when my parents from Iowa visit me in California in the winter they ALWAYS complain about how cold it is, even when the weather is in the balmy 50s.

  2. Leo, Will you take a dime for your poems? lol I’ll have an Olivetti Lettera 22 Martini – extra dry with two olives. W.G.,Hard to imagine that we listened to cassette tapes, which eventually frayed and wore out. Getting closer to the truth in the hospital….. JPB, I loved reading the Curling folklore.

  3. Catalina: And yet…the cassette, like typewriters, is enjoying a bit of a mini-comeback despite the relatively low sound quality. Sometimes I listen to old transistor radios (I have one that’s part of my Gemini Imperial ‘Swinger’ typewriter case) for the difference in sound, an altogether nostalgic experience.

  4. Joe: your presentation at Virtual Herman’s 2 was wonderful. I am glad it was recorded as I missed the beginning and will want to watch it again.

    JPB: Curling with heads, not every village has a covered ice rink but yes we have many, I thought beer was more popular than rye and coke but regional differences must be accounted for and alas the Tournament of Hearts is not that popular, except among curlers.

    Daniel B.

  5. JVC, I’ll need to watch the recording, if they are available this year. I forgot all about Virtual Herman’s. Your video work is always top grade.

    Kent, speaking of cold, I think I was the coldest during my first December in Florida. The damp cold of FL seemed worst than my winter camping in Montana where the days never got above freezing or the months long negative temperatures in PA.

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