21 thoughts on “Wednesday, February 23, 2022

  1. Dato was typing an OTP pretty early too. Damn! Almost 2 years. Is that alot? Seems like a little sometimes, i think.
    I was watching Showtime’s “everything is gonna be all white”. I get inspired lol. My Crazy too.
    I remember Elsie. To love at such age is a whole lot of love. I hope to some day.

  2. Leo! Say it ain’t so! I loved that song :(.
    I think ill still love it and close my ears to that. It is cold outside. Im in here warm 🙂

    1. Juan: I like the Doris Day/Bing Crosby version, though I always found Crosby creepy (and wasn’t surprised that he beat his sons until he drew blood); Doris Day, of course, is famous for the Charles Manson murders – they happened in her holiday home which her son (the intended victim) was supposed to be staying in…The bad news never stops!

  3. Daniel: Great to read about your new hometown! Sounds like a slice of heaven.

    Ron: Amen to the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale! If anyone is ever in the Phoenix area and has any interest in music, it allows you to experience / research / appreciate all forms of music from all over the world in a single afternoon — though you could spend multiple days there if you wanted to. (Added bonus: I found a typo on Roy Orbison’s Grammy… not a photo, the actual award. Is anything sacred?)

  4. Blackwing alert: A Palomino Blackwing 42 (with a blue eraser) was seen lolling about on one of Catalina’s pages but this might have been a distraction, or even a ‘false flag’, since lurking in the dark, almost missed, was the mysterious number 196, and the mother of all muses, so to speak, Mnemosyne. Jennifer, if she’s alive, must be informed…

  5. Damn W.G.. Always entertaining. And informative. The box was full. On my keyboard at work though. Not on my typer. Crazy. I love penciling.

    1. Hi, Xicano Warrior. I think you’re responding to a comment from about a week ago, when some of your pencils were looking a bit Putinesque?

    1. Roger: That’s right. Marty was the father/husband who left her owing millions when he died, so she had to make a TV series instead of retiring after 39 movies.

  6. Leo, you are well versed sir, so to speak. Terry was by another of Doris’s husbands, was he not, but took his stepfather’s name. Doris was a hell of an actress.

  7. Hi Leo, LOL. I am aware of the “sexual harassment theme” brought up in current conversations of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Let the cancel culture and the conspiracy theorists spin their wheels again and again and again. It’s about consensual, playful (conjugal even) sexual foreplay. Loesser wrote it for his wife. And actually, it’s has nothing to do with Christmas. brrrrrrr.

    1. Catalina: Loesser actually wrote Baby, It’s Cold Outside for his mistress, but was forced to change the dedication when his wife found a copy on the piano and said “What’s this, then?”

  8. Mike in VA. I enjoyed your OTP today — listening to history take it’s course in Europe and capped by visiting Prague. Mike in Squamish 2.22.22!!! Twosday! And what a party on OTP to read today!

  9. Actually, February 22, 2222 — will be a Friday. In four hundred years, February 22, 2422 (2.22.2422) will be on a Twosday. Lastly, on 2.22.2022, went to bed at 22:22 military time. lol

  10. JVC@ABQ,

    Nice to see another friend of the inimitable Russian rangefinder crew- although “inimitable” may be a poor term, seeing as many of them were unapologetic copies of the Lyca designs.

    I cut my photographic (and technical diagnosis) teeth on a Fed 2, many years ago, and loved it dearly. Since then I have owned, operated, and repaired Feds, Zorkis, and a fare share of obscure East-German models in my quest to play with every funky manual camera I can get my grubby mitts on. Tearing into the leaf-shutters of old Voightlanders and the slow-speed shutters of sticky Fed 1’s is, I must admit, the reason I can even look inside the likes of an IBM Selectric 1 or SC Electra 110 and not faint in terror. They are lovely, rough workhorses, and sometimes their glass is magnificent, if a little radioactive.


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