6 thoughts on “Saturday, February 26, 2022

  1. Tag’s first person submission and admission reminds us that not all is at seems on OTP. First person narratives have the assumption of truth. While third person ones could be seen as fiction. If this were a formal publication, we’d have labels for fiction and non-fiction. If I were the editor I might’ve caught Tag’s first person submission and suggested they label it as fiction, so as not to cause confusion. To be honest, I often don’t read submissions until after they’re published. Or, perhaps like many of you, sometimes a day or two or more later in a binge. I am quite happy in this role. And quite happy with how much love and honesty exists in this special place. Thanks to everyone for writing these wonderful pages and to readers everywhere for making One Typed Page part of your day.

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  2. Scott. Firstly, I wish you to be well. Then, I was wondering what a stroke actually felt like. Probably quite unpleasant, I imagine, but maybe not? If you feel inclined, I’d be fascinated to know more about your experience. It is the kind of thing that is rarely discussed. Only if you want to though.

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