10 thoughts on “Sunday, February 27, 2022

  1. Hi, Linda. I agree with you about the potatoes, but I don’t think to have women in government would prevent wars. I’m a Londoner, and in 1982 my PM was Margaret Thatcher whose popularity was lower then than any British Prime Minister’s since WWll. So what did she do? She started the Falklands War. Had it gone on much longer, she would have sent the unemployed to fight in this island (Las Malvinas) that no one in England had even given a thought to. She privatised everything and made mendacious and heartless leaders like Boris Johnson the norm. Boris Johnson is a jovial evil bastard who has plenty of women in his government. Our version of ‘republicans’, the conservatives, a.k.a. a bunch of ***** . When she ‘retired’ from government, Thatcher (‘Milk Snatcher’ – she stopped free milk in schools) worked for the Tobacco Advisory Committee, helping them sell cigarettes. And look at the French National Front’s ‘Marine’ Le Pen. Would she hesitate to send out the marines? Maybe we don’t need any cis-gender leaders at all, just people who identify as human.

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  2. Leo, I get your point about Thatcher so maybe I should say all minority women should run countries. Soon they will be the majority. White men have made grave errors in this country so they can step aside. Give women a chance and see what happens.

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  3. Leo and Linda. The thing is complex. Just bcuz of a brown or black skin doesn’t make us ok. But i get wat u mean. Let’s diverse the thing. That is what we need. In the end.

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