17 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 1, 2022

  1. Hey Linda,

    This might not be the answer to your problem, but I was similarly baffled once when I replaced a ribbon and the machine refused to print. After way too much fussing and cursing I finally noticed that I had somehow flipped the ribbon color selector to the stencil setting! If your typewriter has a color selector, try all the positions. And when you do get the problem solved, please let us know what the solution turned out to be.

  2. Kent, yes, black, stencil and red settings. Lol. OTP Typeings, I accidentally posted Page one – twice. Page two and more tomorrow.

  3. There are no typewriter repair shops listed on Richard Polt’s web site. there are a few in MD, and also Bryan Kravitz in Philadelphia.

  4. Natasha: Laughed out loud. What is it about toupees coming off? Better than slapstick! It reminds me of one night in the 90s (when I was still in the habit of smoking the evil weed), I was woken up by a tap-tap-tapping sound at two in the morning. I realised it was the manual carpet sweeper, in the kitchenette, and it began to move of its own accord. It began to move towards me. Tap-tap-tapping, coming closer…Boldly resisting the urge to cower under the sheets, I decided to confront the ghost that was haunting my carpet sweeper by grabbing hold of the handle and lifting it. There was a rat underneath it. They say that in London there are about 3.5 million rats. (There was one less one arsenic-drenched week later.) But I think the ‘ghost’ was less frightening than that rat.

  5. Mistake time: In the ‘Bogus’ chapter of ‘Caroline Says’, after Mr Lawrence says “I’m sure.” there shouldn’t be a line break, it’s still him speaking. Sorry about that!

  6. Catalina: Hope I didn’t offend you yesterday. I imagine your husband was referring to Polish resistance to the Soviet Union and its postwar puppet government.

  7. Roger, no offense taken. Will ask Grant what period he was referring to when I return to Oakland.

  8. Bill M. I visited Duane Jensen at Phoenix, today, just in time, as he was packing to move to a new space in Phoenix. Will type about my exploits; watch this space….

  9. I’ve always forgotten about the “comment section” of this site…well, not anymore, I’m going to post my very first comment, starting now!

    Catalina, I think it’s neat you got to visit Duane. He’s one cool guy! I’ve not met him as of yet but have obtained a lot of machines he has serviced, which ironically make up the majority of my collection, hehe. 🙂

    I’m wondering if the world is on the brink of WW III due to Russia invading Ukraine. 🙁

  10. Liz, in the OTP Comments section, people can get their panties in a bunch. Some days the typlings are quiet.

  11. I’m told there is a typewriter repair guy that works out of Colonial Office Machines here in Williamsburg. I haven’t met him. That shop, formerly Colonial Typewriter, doesn’t have any typewriter stock these days. I think I bought their last ribbon.

  12. Linda, did your Voss come with a set of original spools or was it loaded with generic plastic spools? Sometimes that can make a difference. Also, the direction of the spool wind is important (feed from the inside or outside.) If you check on Richard Polt’s site, you might be able to find a manual for your typewriter. I have had good luck using that avenue when I get lost – which is quite often.

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