17 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 1, 2022

  1. Hey Linda,

    This might not be the answer to your problem, but I was similarly baffled once when I replaced a ribbon and the machine refused to print. After way too much fussing and cursing I finally noticed that I had somehow flipped the ribbon color selector to the stencil setting! If your typewriter has a color selector, try all the positions. And when you do get the problem solved, please let us know what the solution turned out to be.

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  2. Natasha: Laughed out loud. What is it about toupees coming off? Better than slapstick! It reminds me of one night in the 90s (when I was still in the habit of smoking the evil weed), I was woken up by a tap-tap-tapping sound at two in the morning. I realised it was the manual carpet sweeper, in the kitchenette, and it began to move of its own accord. It began to move towards me. Tap-tap-tapping, coming closer…Boldly resisting the urge to cower under the sheets, I decided to confront the ghost that was haunting my carpet sweeper by grabbing hold of the handle and lifting it. There was a rat underneath it. They say that in London there are about 3.5 million rats. (There was one less one arsenic-drenched week later.) But I think the ‘ghost’ was less frightening than that rat.

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  3. Mistake time: In the ‘Bogus’ chapter of ‘Caroline Says’, after Mr Lawrence says “I’m sure.” there shouldn’t be a line break, it’s still him speaking. Sorry about that!

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  4. Catalina: Hope I didn’t offend you yesterday. I imagine your husband was referring to Polish resistance to the Soviet Union and its postwar puppet government.

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  5. Bill M. I visited Duane Jensen at Phoenix, today, just in time, as he was packing to move to a new space in Phoenix. Will type about my exploits; watch this space….

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  6. I’ve always forgotten about the “comment section” of this site…well, not anymore, I’m going to post my very first comment, starting now!

    Catalina, I think it’s neat you got to visit Duane. He’s one cool guy! I’ve not met him as of yet but have obtained a lot of machines he has serviced, which ironically make up the majority of my collection, hehe. 🙂

    I’m wondering if the world is on the brink of WW III due to Russia invading Ukraine. 😦

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  7. I’m told there is a typewriter repair guy that works out of Colonial Office Machines here in Williamsburg. I haven’t met him. That shop, formerly Colonial Typewriter, doesn’t have any typewriter stock these days. I think I bought their last ribbon.

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  8. Linda, did your Voss come with a set of original spools or was it loaded with generic plastic spools? Sometimes that can make a difference. Also, the direction of the spool wind is important (feed from the inside or outside.) If you check on Richard Polt’s site, you might be able to find a manual for your typewriter. I have had good luck using that avenue when I get lost – which is quite often.


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